We Hit the Airwaves with a ReadWriteTalk Podcast

In early June, I published a ebook about hybrid approaches to Folksonomies and Taxonomies in the Enterprise that has been very well received. Beautifully designed, it provides a high-level overview on why companies should be looking towards user tagging as a part of their content strategies.

So last month when i was approached by ReadWriteTalk about being interviewed for a podcast on the subject of the ebook I was pretty excited and of course a bit nervous at the same time. ReadWriteTalk podcasts are just one of the many podcasts that i listen to on a weekly basis so i certainly did not want to embarrassed myself! But beyond stumbling over some words, i think i did a decent job discussing the reasons I wrote the ebook and highlighting what the ebook covers. Although it is my face on the cover of the ebook (i share some of the behind the scenes as to how that happened), I also spend some time talking about the design of the book and the wonderful team I worked with to get it produced and made available for free download for everyone.

Sean Ammirati interviewed me and did a great job of not only prepping me for the interview but also making me very comfortable as we began discussing the questions he had. The podcast was also transcribed so if you prefer to read it versus hearing me go on and on and on about why it is important to look at some of the benefits of hybrid approaches...you can.