End of 2013 Round Up of Taxonomy Blogs, Part I

It's that time of year, folks, when it seems like everyone is publishing some kind of year end list or "round up" of the years news highlights, blogsand blog posts, photos, videos, and more. So why not do the same here at Synaptica?To keep things manageable, listed here are some 2013 blogs and blog entries, culled from almost a thousand, that address taxonomy in one way or another. You'll find taxonomy as it relates to Drupal (no suprise) Pinterest, Bloom's educational classification (again, no surprise), the Semantic Web, Twitter, Ajax, and more. What you won't find here are blog entries covering such things as taxonomies of zombies or sports teams (But don't worry, we're saving those for another post!)Hopefully, you'll find some blog in this listing that hits upon a problem you're having, whether it's implementing a taxonomy or augmenting one using various apps. If nothing else, perhaps, this list will help you find a discussion or community that you can join in 2014.Stay tuned for part II of this "round up," and here's hoping that you have great success in all your 2014 taxonomy ventures!