Join us at Taxonomy Boot Camp 2012 for a presentation on, ' Chaos-Control: Enterprise Management of Federated Taxonomies'

On Tuesday October 16, 2012 please join us at Taxonomy Boot Camp in Washington DC for a presentation on, "Chaos-Control: Enterprise Management of Federated Taxonomies" from  2:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Jim Sweeney, Product manager for Synaptica will disccus the problems and suggest solutions surounding Enterprise taxonomy management.

Here is a synopsis of the presentation:

Enterprise taxonomy is generally synonymous with centralized taxonomy just as federated taxonomy is generally synonymous with decentralized taxonomy. Each model has its pros and cons. What happens when an organization needs both the efficiency and cross-searchability associated with centralized taxonomy management and the autonomy and heterogeneity associated with decentralized taxonomy management? Drawing upon real-life examples this presentation compares and contrasts the two models and then explores various hybrid solutions, which bridge the divide to combine and deliver advantages from the alternative approaches.

We hope to see you there!