Video: Unlocking Healthcare Data with Clinical NLP

With the launch of Obamacare just a few weeks behind us, those of you engaged in controlled vocabulary development related to natural language processing (NLP) might be interested in Clinithink's CLiX, technology that "enables healthcare providers and solution vendors to extract knowledge from the clinical data trapped in the free text of discharge summaries, clinical notes, and other documents." To learn more about CLiX, check out the video Unlocking Healthcare Data with Clinical NLP.

FYI: The IPTC Descriptive NewsCodes...

Even if you don't work with the news, you might be interested in knowing more about the tags that many newsrooms apply to content.  Though formed in 1965 to "safeguard the telecommunications interests of the World's Press," the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) has, since the late 1970s, been focusing "on developing and publishing Industry Standards for the exchange of news data of all common media types."   Today, IPTC's member base is made up of approximately 60 news companies, organizations, and associations.